Mother Veronica Dispensary at Kimwanga,Bungoma has medical facilities to help in medical, preventive and curative interventions. The experienced medical Staff take care of health as out patients treating them for many types of local ailment. Medicines are given to the patients and there is follow up care provided on recurring visits.

There are at present 9 Health workers who were trained by Dr. Agnesita the resident doctor at the Health Centre. These Health workers go into the villages to meet the families and find out  their health condition. Hence the villages around Bungoma benefit from the Health Clinic.

The Deaddiction Centre is also functioning at the Health Centre where Alcoholics are treated with care, counseling and medication. At present about 20 are geting treatment along with their families.


Daycare Centre

The Day Care Centre at Kimwanga is housed in a spacious house and caters to the children of the locality. The 125children are taught the pre-primary lessons along with basic self care habits, cleanliness and order. They are provided with free meals and medical facilities on the campus. The children are helped to go to primary schools when they get older and have completed the Day Care study.


Self Help Group

Self Help Groups: The twenty Self Help Groups function well at the day Care Centre of Kimwanga. As many as 500  persons are constituent of these Groups and benefit from their own savings as well as from loans which help them to start a small business or tide over medical bills. The saving habits provide excellent means to uplift the low income families.