Day Care centre was started in 2008 for the children of Soweto slums. These children are brought to the Day care centre daily and taught the pre primary syllabus. There are over 200 children who are helped in this school. When they complete their lerning here they are admitted to Class I elsewhere in our locality. The children are provided with free meals at the Centre

The Hair dressing salon is an excellent way to help young women of Soweto, to master a skill and earn their livelihood. Here, the women learn to plait, braid and straigthen hair in order to set a style. Many persons find this skill useful and are eager to attend the classes. At present we have 26 students at the Salon attached to the Centre.

Distribution of food packets like Maize flour, bread and beans to 100 families on a weekly basis is done at the Day Care Centre. These families are unable to sustain themselves as they are physically handicapped, HIV/ AIDS positive patients and some with Tuberculosis or other ailments. Most of them are aged and destitute with no other earning member in their families.

During the year 2020 when COVID 19 hit the country and the world suddenly the Carmelvale community decided to stitch face masks and distribute them to the people of Soweto. About 3000  reusable cloth masks were prepared at the Day Care tailoring unit and distributed. The people were highly appreciative of this kind gesture.

The Tailoring Centre is an organ of the Day Care Centre and helps in stitching uniforms for our AC schools in the Region. The Tailoring Centre has 10 sewing machines with qualified tailors who were trained earlier  with our help, to master a skill for their livilihood. These women tailors work at the Tailoring centre and help in the production of good uniforms for our pupils everywhere. The motto of our Centre is to empower women and make them self reliant. Each year about 10 young women are helped to learn Tailoring so that they can manage their families.

There 17 Self Help Groups ( SHG’s) attached to our Day Care Centre. Around 200 members are constituent to these groups. The SHG’s meet regularly and contribute their savings which can help them in case of neccesity. Loans are extended to the members at no interest. The SHG’s are excellent ways helping low income families to develop a saving habit. When the members avail of loans they are motivated to start their own business and make a livilihood. Motivational Talks are given to them during their monthly meetings.