Carmelvale Catholic Primary School

Carmelvale Catholic Pre- Primary and Primary School is a Catholic Institution belonging to the Apostolic Carmel Congregation under the sponsorship of Catholic Arch-diocese of Nairobi. It began as part of Doonholm Catholic Primary School in October 2000 where they were accommodated for the 3rd term. The school opened its doors in January 2001 with a single stream of 37-42 pupils.

                  Here, we believe that every child is a success story waiting to unfold. We are committed to actively raise the quality of life in every child, focusing on achieving their full potentials and aiming at the holistic growth in their learning. The school provides ample opportunity to pupils at all levels to have their skills moulded aiming at instilling Christian values, character formation and academic excellence.

                We look forward not only to bring a positive impact to the children we deal with whole heartedly but also to reach out to the people who live around  us and help them feel the impact of the values we stand for as Carmelvale Fraternity .The completely day-school offers plenty of learning opportunities like key board music, Brass band, Scouts, swimming, karate, games and other co curricular programs.